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Personal Details

Designation : Assistant Professor Department : Biological Sciences E-Mail : sanjeevs@iiserb.ac.in Phone : +91 755 269 1409, 669 1409 Fax : +91 755 669 2392

Academic Details

  • Assistant Professor (May 2013-): Biological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research (IISER) Bhopal

  • Postdoctoral Fellow (March 2010-March 2013): National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Maryland, USA

  • Postdoctoral Fellow (May 2009-Feb 2010): Georgetown University Medical Centre, Washington DC, USA

  • Ph.D. (Nov 2003-Feb 2009): Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (CRI-ACTREC), Navi Mumbai

    Research Interests: Epigenetics and RNA Processing

    Interplay between epigenetic changes and alternative pre-mRNA splicing in tumorigenesis

    • -Examination of DNA methylation mediated regulation of alternative splicing via modulation of reciprocal binding of CTCF and BORIS in cancer cells.

    • -Analysis of DNA binding proteins/ transcription factors and upstream pathways that are involved in regulation of alternative splicing

    • -Examination of role of cancer specific alternative spliced isoforms in tumorigenesis


    • Marina RJ, Sturgill D, Bailly MA, Thenoz M, Varma G, Prigge MF, Nanan KK, Shukla S, Haque N, Oberdoerffer S.TET-catalyzed oxidation of intragenic 5-methylcytosine regulates CTCF-dependent alternative splicing. EMBO J. 2015 Dec 28. pii: e201593235. [Epub ahead of print]
    • Narayanan SP, Singh S, Gupta A, Yadav S, Singh SR, Shukla S. Integrated genomic analyses identify KDM1A's role in cell proliferation via modulating E2F signaling activity and associate with poor clinical outcome in oral cancer. Cancer Letters (2015), doi: 10.1016/j.canlet.2015.07.022
    • -Shukla S, Govekar RB, Sirdeshmukh R, Sundaram CS, D’Cruz A, Pathak KA, Kane SV, Zingde SM Tumor antigens eliciting autoantibody response in cancer of gingivo-buccal complex. Proteomics Clinical Applications 2007, 1(12): 1592-1604.

    • -Shukla S, Pranay A, D’Cruz AK, Chaturvedi P, Kane SV, Zingde SM “Immunoproteomics reveals that cancer of the tongue and the gingivo buccal complex exhibit differential autoantibody response.” Cancer Biomarkers 2009, 5(3): 127-35.

    • Received F1000 article factor (FFa) -17 (exceptional rating) from Faculty of 1000 based on following 4 evaluations. http://f1000.com/13371987

    • This article was also highlighted in CCR connections Vol 6 (1), 2012 “CTCF, a Novel Regulator of Alternative Splicing” http://home.ccr.cancer.gov/connections/ dev/2012/Vol6_No1/news_7.asp

    • This article was highlighted in Cell Research- Kornblihtt A. “CTCF: from insulators to alternative splicing regulation”, Cell Research advance online publication 7 February 2012; doi:10.1038/cr.2012.22 http://www.nature.com/cr/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/cr201222a.html

    • -Shukla S, Kavak E, Gregory M, Imashimizu M, Shutinoski B, Kashlev M, Oberdoerffer P, Sandberg R, Oberdoerffer S. “CTCF-promoted RNA polymerase II pausing links DNA methylation to splicing”. Nature 479, 74–79 (03 November 2011).

    • -Shukla S., Oberdoerffer S. Co-transcriptional regulation of alternative pre- mRNA splicing. BBA-Gene Regulatory Mechanism July 2012, 1819 (7), 673- 683.

    • -Pranay A, Shukla S et al. Prognostic utility of autoantibodies to α-enolase and Hsp70 for cancer of the gingivo-buccal complex using immunoproteomics. Proteomics Clinical Applications 2012; DOI: 10.1002/prca.201200081.


    • Zingde, Shukla, Sirdeshmukh, Sundaram D’Cruz, Pathak, Kane [Inventors] Autoantibodies for protein antigens as markers for cancer of the ginigivo –buccal complex:

      CSIR: Ref No: 0187NF 2006/1N, filed on Feb 14, 2007; 290DEL 2007
      European Patent Application EP2126578 (Published: Feb 12, 2009)
      US application- US 2011/0189699A1 (published: date Aug 04, 2011)

    Open positions

      • I am looking for postdoctoral candidate who is interested to study epigenetic regulation of alternative pre-mRNA splicing/RNA processing in tumorigenesis. Interested candidate can send their cv and statement of research interest by email to me at sanjeevs@iiserb.ac.in

        Epigibility: Candidate should have PhD in biological sciences from recognized university/institution.

        Desirable: Prior experience with molecular biology techniques. Candidates with experience in analysis of next-generation sequencing data/ RNA work / chromatin biology are encouraged to apply.

    PhD Student

    • Smriti Singh



      Amit Gupta



      Sandhya Yadav



      Neha Ahuja