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The office of the Dean, Academic Affairs (DOAA) takes care of all the academic matters of the Institute.


The DOAA office coordinates all academic activities both for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. It also implements the decisions taken by the Senate and Departmental Undergraduate/Postgraduate Committees (DUGC/DPGC). The Office of Academic Affairs is further responsible for:

  • Receiving, processing, and maintaining all records related to the conduct of BS-MS (Dual Degree), Integrated Ph.D. and Ph.D. Programmes. These include the curricula, student registration data, leave (of students), examinations, grades and award of degrees and prizes.
  • Preparation and update of academic calendar which contains tentative dates for all academic events for next one academic year.
  • Disseminating information pertaining to all academic matters.
  • Issuing necessary memoranda/orders related to academic matters.
  • Acting as a platform of communication between students, instructors and the departments.
  • Preparing timetable for regular classes and examinations. The class timetable is made in consultation with the Departments.
  • Preparing grade report, degree certificate, migration certificate, identity card, provisional certificate, bona-fide certificate etc.

Dr. Ramya Sunder Raman

Coordinator, Academic Affairs Phone: +91-755-669-2381 (Off.)
Fax: +91-755-669-2392

Ms. Sherly George

Assistant Registrar (Academic Affairs) sherly@iiserb.ac.in

Mr. Priyank Bhavsar

Junior Assistant (Multi-skills) priyank@iiserb.ac.in

Mr. Jitendra Rajput

Office Assistant

Vijay Kumar Meena

Office Attendant


LHC Attendant